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1922 Michael Collins’ revolver - €75,000

Over the last four decades Whyte’s have sold many important and interesting medals and military collectibles.

Whyte’s occasionally hold specialised sales of medals and militaria and regularly include them in its renowned History Literature & Collectibles sales. The latter are especially successful as they expose these collectibles to a wider audience by setting medals and militaria in the wider context of the history of Ireland.

Our superbly produced catalogues, our expertise at marketing, our careful and accurate descriptions, vetted by experts, and our reputation for integrity have put Whyte’s at the forefront of handling these historic and important collectibles.

If you are thinking of selling your collection of medals or militaria contact Stuart Purcell at sp@whytes.ie or 01 676 2888. You will receive expert advice and valuations given confidentially.

Our Experts

Stuart Purcell

Stuart Purcell BA is Head of Collectibles at Whyte’s. He has over 15 years experience in the business, having previously worked in Adams Saleroom in Dublin, Thomas Adam in Blackrock and lately as a dircetor of Orr & Company, Delgany. He has extensive knowledge of antiques and collectibles and acts as a valuer and advisor to several major corporate clients and loss adjusters as well as collectors. Stuart presents “Cash or Trash” on TV3 in which he appraises collectibles submitted by viewers.

1916-21 Peadar Kavanagh Medals - €23,000
1916-21 Peadar Kavanagh Medals