Paul  Henry  RHA RUA

THE BOG AT EVENING, circa 1922-23

Arguably the most influential Irish landscape artist of the twentieth century, Henry began his artistic career as a textile designer, studying at the Government School of Design in Belfast with William Conor (q.v.). Funded by a family member, he travelled to Paris to study under Jean-Paul Laurens and later Alphonse Mucha. Here he met Grace Mitchell whom he married in London in 1903. In London he received encouragement from Walter Sickert and made a living giving classes, writing pamphlets, and submitting illustrations to the daily papers. After first exhibiting at the RHA in 1910, he was appointed an Associate in 1926 and a full member in 1928. He was also one of the first Academicians of the Ulster Academy of Arts. Upon the death of his first wife in 1953 he remarried another artist Mabel Young. His career has been extensively documented both in his own writings and most recently in Dr Kennedy's monograph, Paul Henry (Yale University Press, New Haven & London, 2000).

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